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At the age of 19 I got pregnant and became a mom. Being so young and having the responsibilities of a grown adult, I struggled. Throughout the years of my little girl growing up, I longed for more, to do more, to give my daughter everything she could possibly dream of. Between 2017-2020 I had a job at the public defenders office here in Laredo, TX. I fell in love with my job, even more than anything the people I worked with. In 2019, I got pregnant with my second child- my son. The urge for more grew even more. COVID-19 hit and I went on maternity leave. During this time, I thought of creating Picate Mucho. On one random day in May, I took a trip to the local grocery store to purchase candy, chamoy bottles, and chilito powder. Little did I know my life after this quick grocery run would be everything I had dreamed of. While I was creating the chilito mix recipe for our candies, I ended up going into labor, giving birth to two babies- my son and Picate Mucho. When I knew I had finally mastered my recipe, I set out to create a business that would one day become extremely successful. As the days went on, my love only grew for Picate. Day in and day out I thought of ways to please my customers, get my name out there, and above all, give my customers a product they absolutely loved. In the span of one year, I reached over 5K followers on instagram, shipped my product to places as far as Japan, and had been featured on Texas Monthly as one of Texas' top candy business. In October 2021, I opened the doors to my first location at Golondrina food truck park (located inside of the food hall). It was a success- lines to the door and wait times of almost 30 minutes. In just a few short months later, I opened my second location on March 11, 2022 at the Khaledi Plaza. When walking into these locations or purchasing from Picate online, you are supporting my living miracle. I have poured my heart and soul into this third baby of mine. A special thanks to my mom and sister for taking such good care of Picate while I went back to work. Also, my brother and friend, for coming along and showing me all there was to manage a business and took on a great love for Picate Mucho himself and is my mentor everyday. My husband who does anything and more for Picate on a daily basis, without him, a lot would not be possible. And I especially have to give the thanks to my two kids who were my inspiration to start this, and who will be my inspiration everyday of my life. I believe this is God's love pouring over me everyday, I give all the glory to him. For he believed I could, and I did. To me, I am living an everyday dream that God chose just for me. 

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